Health and Beauty through Medical Technologies.

No.1 Medical Group was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced doctors. Our doctors and staff seek perfection and believe we can bring health and beauty to our clients through safe, effective and bleeding edge medical technologies.

The group always pursuits “being the No.1” as our goal. Over the years, we are an industry leader in the trend. We were the first to introduce many innovations to the Hong Kong beauty industry, and we were also the first to import many top of the line medical and beauty equipment from overseas.

Since 2002, the group has developed into a renowned leader in medical, beauty and education services.

A Word from Our Chairman

“Whenever the topic come up on the best beauty services, No. 1 Medical Group should be the first thing come to mind.”

Throughout the past 10 years, No.1 Medical Group offered Hong Kong and the international communities with first class medical beauty services, we combined effective treatments and bleeding edge equipment, along with personalized services, to ensure we always provided good value and the highest quality services to our clients.

Our group has the mission to improve and enhance every client’s health and beauty. With this belief, we have a rigorous hiring process because we need the best people and medical team, in order to operate our advanced equipment and to provide the high quality, effective and safe procedures to our clients.

In addition to the medical beauty services, laser treatments and aesthetics surgeries that we are proud of, we are also educators. Our cosmetic institution provides accredited beauty courses, so we may nurture a new generation of professionals. We want to raise the bar and contribute to the industry.

Recently, No.1 Medical Group is actively promoting the correct concepts of aesthetics medicines to the public and to introduce the benefits of contour shaping. The group now has a wide range of services and is constantly expanding. In 2012, the group built a new center to provide non-medical, causal beauty services, committed to offer high-quality post-operative care to clients. In the near future, the Group will continue its expansion into first-tier cities in the PRC; starting new branches and to introduce the leading edge aesthetic medical technologies to Greater China. My vision is “Whenever the topic come up on the best beauty services, No. 1 Medical Group should be the first thing come to mind.”

I am very delight No.1 Medical can provide the wide range of services to our clients now. Since the group’s inception, we have undergone many significant changes and leap-forward. However, we are still adhering to the same philosophy - we will continue to promote progress and innovation of the beauty industry, and we are always committed to the highest quality services.



Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity, Education, Quality is No.1 Medical Group’s corporate philosophy.

No.1 medical group believes talent and expertise are the most valuable assets of a company. We are committed to nurture newcomers and professionals with courses and programs designed to enhance professional skills and knowledge of the beauty industry. Today, many talented aesthetic doctors and beauticians in the industry came from our group.

Furthermore, our staff must undergo rigorous medical and beauty training, as we are committed to provide each and every one of our customers with the very best professional services and treatments they deserve.



No. 1 Cosmedic was founded in 2002.

As a pioneer in the industry, we were the first to introduce Carbon Laser Facial (Black-faced doll) to Hong Kong.

Exclusively introduced Japanese / Korean style feather lift double eye lid to Hong Kong, and with improvements and modifications specifically tailored for the Chinese market.

The first medical beauty center to introduce fiber paper technology for nose and chin reconstruction in Hong Kong.

Introduced Zero Pore machine to Hong Kong and successfully created a new trend.

Established a new brand「THE ONE COSMEDIC」with a 5,000 sq. ft. branch opened in Causeway Bay.

THE ONE COSMEDIC Mongkok branch opened, providing everyday beauty and health services in addition to medical beauty service.

THE ONE COSMEDIC first China branch opened in Shenzhen with a 20,000 sq. ft. high-end medical beauty clinic, bringing Hong Kong quality medical and beauty services to Guangzhou.

Extended our business to one of the largest cities in China, the No.1 Medical Group acquired high end health and beauty brand “Slimmer” in Shanghai.

Swiss Anti-Aging Center was founded.

Charming Professional Cosmetic Career Centre was founded to meet the growing demand of professional beauty training courses for the industry.

Charming was accredited by ITEC, City & Guilds ad CIBTAC.

「THE ONE COSMEDIC」flagship store opened in Causeway Bay.

Partnered with Banobagi, one of the largest plastic surgery hospital in South Korea, to provide bleeding edge and comprehensive plastic surgery to Hong Kong and Chinese customers.

Continue to bring the bleeding edge of medical and beauty technologies to the Hong Kong and Chinese market.